Tamworth FAQs

Introducing the Fishtail/Seacoast Sport Cycle Demo Program
May 16, 2019

Trailer Drop-off?  Yes.  You’ll need to drop it off between 5-7pm the night before.

Gate Opens? 7am both days.

Camping?  Yes, both Sunday and Monday nights.  You’ll need to arrive between 5 and 7pm.  Once you’re singed in on the property it’s okay to leave for supper, etc., but you must be back to the track by 9pm.  No one will be allowed on the grounds between 9pm and 7am the next morning (unless you light yourself on fire or something and need a band-aid.

Camping Structures? Anything you set up must be free-standing.  If you put holes into the pavement, you’ll experience a long line of people explaining to you what a bad idea that is, and they won’t be sensitive to your feelings when they do.

Cooking?  Sure, but be careful about the paddock surface.  If there is any chance that what you are doing will damage the pavement (charcoal grills and such), then the answer is no.

Track Walk? Yes.  Time TBA, but it will be before dark.  Once the sun goes down, the track surface is off limits.  Feet-only, not scooters, bicycles, rocket sleds, etc.

Sound? We’ll do the same setup as last year.  Eric Colbath will be there with his sound meter.  The limit is 92db at 50’ dead astern.  Track staff will continue to monitor sound throughout the day.  We excelled with this last year, and it’s why we got the exclusive.  Let’s reinforce it this year.

Fuel?  No.  The nearest gas station is a few miles east at the intersection of Routes 16 and 25.

Food?  You have to ask?  OF COURSE!  Coffee, water, pastry and fruit in the morning.  Barbeque Monday, chicken and steak kabobs Tuesday.

WIfI? Yes, kind of.  The reception isn’t the best, but it’s there.

Showers?  No. We still have to risk being stinky.

Electrical Power?  No.  You have to supply your own or be ready to be a caveman for the night.

Stuff?  Yes.  Seacoast Sport will be there with their trailer.

Tires?  Yes, both to buy and mount.  Seacoast will be bringing selected Dunlops.