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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a


Any riding school can provide track time and many schools have good instructors. But Fishtail Riding School has great instructors who really care about helping students and are willing to provide the individual attention that really makes a difference.  Unfortunately most of them are quite bashful, so when I ask them for pictures, they keep sending me pictures of them riding their bikes.  The end result is these could all be imposters.  Go figure . . .

Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and Bruce was first running track days, Bill was one of his early instructors.  He started racing in 2002, and at the time he was averaging over 70 days at the track a year.  He won a LRRS championship in 2005, and he’s also been a fixture at Penguin Roadracing School.  Bill is a very gifted rider, but we mostly let him hang around because he has lots of neat toys.

Bill started racing in 1986. He started teaching motorcycling with Bruce Meyers in 1996. He builds his own bikes and travels extensively for his work as a Field Support Engineer in factory automation.

I'm just a farm boy from NH who likes to make anything with a motor work better: Made the rototiller go faster to get the chores done quicker;  Broke the tractor in half doing wheelies; Plowed my dirtbike into a pile of chicken @#$@ using it as a ramp for jumping.  Logical progression to Ducati service, eh? 

Cheryl is the founding member of the Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club in NYC (1986), and the founder of the New York Motorcycle and Scooter Task Force, (2009).

She works as a professional sculptor and scenic artist and rides her street bike year-round.

Many of you may already know Eric from his days as a mechanic at BCM Motorsports.  Eric has been with us for a whole lot of years (ten to be precise) - first as a rider, then as a corner worker, and now as an Instructor and one of our Suspension School instructors.

Gil’s one of our over-achievers.  When he’s not riding at the track, he’s either working as a manager for PSNH or chasing bad guys as a deputy sheriff in Vermont.  He started riding in 1970, and his first bike was a 1948 H-D 45 C.I. Basket Case®. 

Guy Pike, alias GP, has been around riding motorcycles for a long, long, long time; 40+ years riding to be exact. Don’t let the GQ pose fool you; he really does know how to instruct (even if he is a Montreal Canadian's fan).

Hannah has been riding motorcycles for eleven years and doing track days for nine. The 2013 season is her 4th year instructing.

Jack started racing in 1982 and has been in the sport, racing, wrenching, teaching, and making parts ever since.

Along the way he collected a #1 plate at the Race of Champions in Daytona and a couple of LRRS championships.