So it’s your first track day (or you haven’t been here in a while), and you’re wondering what to expect. Fear not!! Everything is under control!

When You Arrive: Sign-In
The gates officially open at 7:30. Expect to see a long line of cars, trucks and motorcycles patiently milling around at the main gate right off Route 106. Don’t panic: you’ll have plenty of time before your first session. At the end of last season NHMS was very accommodating and frequently let us in shortly after 7:00, so we may get in early. Park your vehicle and go to the ticket booth where a very nice gentleman named Tom will sign you in for the day.

Tom signed in Todne

Tom signs in Todne

Garage and Instructor Assignments
John Anderson (the confused looking guy in the picture below) will have a roster with your pit garage and instructor assignment. This will help you know where to park and setup your stuff. Following the garage assignment will make it easier to find your instructor and hang with your group. John will have a map of the garages and, if you ask him nicely, he probably has answers to all sorts of other questions.

John Anderson - Confused

Finding Your Garage, Check-In
Once you have signed in and know your garage assignment, drive through the main gate and through the tunnel, into the infield. Follow the service road all to the far end of the facility. Our pits are in the last set of garages, farthest from the entrance.

Robbie Nigl will be waiting at the far corner of the garage with a sign-in sheet and more information (plus an assortment of coffee and donuts). Your focus once you enter the pits should be: 1) sign in with Robbie, and 2) unload your bike and prep it for technical inspection. There is a safety brief at 8:30, so you will have plenty of time for sign-in and technical inspection.

Robbie runs the donut table

Robbie running the donut and sign-in table. Get there earlier to get your choice of donuts!

Safety Briefing, On Track!
The mandatory safety briefing will be at 8:30. Once the safety briefing is complete, A Group riders will go on track (9:00 a.m.). The B and C Groups riders will remain in the classroom so that we can answer questions. B Group riders can expect approximately 20 minutes after the safety briefing and Q&A before they are on track (9:20 a.m.). C Group riders will have roughly 30 minutes to use the bathroom, suit up, and be ready to roll at 9:40 a.m. We want to make sure we’ve answered all your questions, but we also don’t want you to feel rushed.

So that’s it. If you are new to Fishtail, we’d like to welcome you in advance. You are about to have one of the best days you could imagine.

See you in a few days! 

The Fishtail Gang

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