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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a


Videos from our track days.

Robbie and Tim turned some laps at Club Motorsports in Tamworth, NH. These were the first ever laps by motorcycle at the new track. This should give you one more reason to look forward to the 2017 season!

It isn't often that you get to chase the police. Here is video of Wes Robichaud chasing the boys in blue from Mass. Notice their line and the form. Next you're thinking you can out run a cop, think again!


In preparation for our July 21st and 22nd event at the New York Safety track, Tim and Robbie ran some "Uptown" (counter-clockwise) laps. There are 8 lefts and 6 rights -- although some of the rights aren't much of turn. The track is very active: you will spend very little time planted in the center of your seat. It should be tons of fun!


Aprilia wanted to find out who was faster around a racetrack: a Nissan GT-R or an RSV4. Naturally, they needed a rider who could make the bike shine, so they chose Robbie Nigl to ride it.

Does anyone recognize this masked man? ... Could it be our own Robbie Nigl??

In August 2010, Internet TV show Two Wheels 2 Anywhere visited Fishtail Riding School to learn about this "track day" thing. After a super day in the wet, they came back for a second try in September -- and got a beautiful dry and sunny day.

In this video Two Wheels 2 Anywhere capture several laps with Robbie as he rides his Ducati 748 in the Advanced group on September 8th 2010. This helmet cam, point of view video will give you a new perspective on fast.

Instructor Mike Dube follows Jerry and Joel during an A-Group session at NHMS. As the session progresses the three get separated. Mike does some nice late brake passing in turn 3.

Instructor Mike Dube follows two B-Group riders on the September 9th 2009 track day at Loudon NH. During this video, Mike demonstrates pit out and pit in and shows a good line around the NHMS course.

Cindy Jones of WMUR TV's NH Chronicles produced a segment on Fishtail Riding School filmed last April at NH Motor Speedway in Loudon NH. Students and instructors were interviewed in a piece which is just under seven minutes long. It is an excellent overview of Fishtail Riding School from the point of view of students and instructors.