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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a
Lunch time!
BMW in turn 3
Norton in turn 11
Maine Police Officer chases in turn 12
Track Day Schedule

Track Days

  • 5/4 - NHMS: Full Academics/Lunch
  • 5/20 - Thompson: Discount Day
  • 6/1 - Thompson: Full Academics/Lunch
  • 6/15 - NHMS: Full Academics/Lunch
  • 7/13 - NHMS: Fishtail Ducati Day!
  • 7/28 - Thompson: Discount Day
  • 8/17 - NHMS: Full Academics/Lunch
  • 9/14 - NHMS: Full Academics/Lunch
  • 10/5 - NHMS: Full Academics/Lunch

News Feed

Join us on July 13th for an all things Ducati at Fishtail's Northeast Ducati Dealer's Day. As many of you know, Fishtail Riding School has deep Ducati roots from our BCM Ducati lineage. At any regular Fishtail day you're likely to see more than the average number of Ducati's circulating the paddock. What were doing with our Northeast Ducati Dealer's Day is bringing that celeabration to the next highest level.

One of the things that makes Fishtail special is our community of riders. We simply enjoy hanging out together, sharing our passion of riding. 

To help our riders nurture our community, we have created a Fishtail forum. Here you can discuss anything you'd like. We have set up sections for general discussion, lodging (for our road trips) and for sale. We trust that the posters will use the same courtesy and respect on the forum that they use on the track. Please feel free to start threads and participate.

The forum is run on a separate web site from our main site. You will need a logon that is specific to the forum. To join the forum, click the Register link in the uppler right corner and follow the on screen instructions. 

Fishtail Forum site:

Rider tries on leathers

Did you ever want to try a track day, but didn’t trust your Codura riding gear on the high speeds of the track? Cyclewise Ducati-Vermont in New Haven, Vermont now rents full one and two piece sets of leathers. Sizes range from 40 to 48. The cost is only $75 per day.

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