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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a
Pete in turn 12
Maine Police Officer chases in turn 12
Focus forward
Rider on the Front staight at NY Safety Track
Track Day Schedule

Track Days

This is our list of dates for 2014

  • May 5th at NHMS
  • June 13th, Thompson, CT
  • June 30th at NHMS
  • July 10th, Thompson, CT
  • August 18th, NHMS
  • September 8th, NHMS
  • October 6th, NHMS

Only two more days left. See the Dates & Sign-Up page for pricing.

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What happens when a track day falls on Friday day the 13th and a full moon? A monsoon? In the end, we still managed to have plenty of fun, as these photos from our June 13th track day show.


Here are the remaining dates in our 2014 track day season

The best way to learn about announcements is to watch our Facebook page.


DateDescriptionRegular Cost
06/13/2014 Thompson Speedway, CT - Full Academics & Lunch $260.00
06/30/2014 NHMS Track Day - Full Academics & Lunch $260.00
07/10/2014 Thompson Speedway, CT - No "Frills", No Lunch $180.00
08/18/2014 NHMS Track Day - Full Academics & Lunch $260.00
09/08/2014 NHMS Track Day - Full Academics & Lunch $260.00
10/06/2014 NHMS Track Day - Full Academics & Lunch $260.00

Our season finale, October 6th, is going to include a Memorial Celebration of Ducat TT/F1 rider Jimmy Adamo. The celebration is going feature modern and vintage race bikes from the 1980’s.

Adamo was a great American road-racer, who died competing in the 1993 Daytona 200.

NEMLEC police motorcycles

When Fishtail began training motorcycle police in 2008, we never anticipated the success of the program. Due to our connection with MAX BMW and their connection with the Cambridge, MA Police Department, we invited CPD to one of our schools. The results were amazing. In just 2 years, the CPD realized a 70% reduction in accidents among their motor cops! It was great validation for our program.

Rider tries on leathers

Did you ever want to try a track day, but didn’t trust your Codura riding gear on the high speeds of the track? Cyclewise Ducati-Vermont in New Haven, Vermont now rents full one and two piece sets of leathers. Sizes range from 40 to 48. The cost is only $75 per day.

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