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Fishtail Riding School

Much more than a motorcycle track day

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Jane Hamlton in turn 11a
Ripping it on the BMW Tourer
Hmmmmm, BBQ
The man who started it all
FJR looking good!
Maine Police Officer chases in turn 12
Track Day Schedule

Track Days

  • 5/9 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch
  • 5/24 Thompson, CT Discount Day
  • 6/6 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch
  • 7/11 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch
  • 7/25 Palmer, NH Full Academics
  • 8/15 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch
  • 9/12 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch
  • 10/3 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch

News Feed

A few photos from our 2016 season opener! It was a chilly start, but remained sunny all day and a great BBQ lunch warmed us up. In all, a great way to start the season.

Vermont Artisan Coffee

As part of our continual effort to offer the best food in track day riding, we are providing Vermont Artisan Coffee at all NHMS events this season. This is thanks to a generous donation of fresh roast coffee on their part. 

Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea provides artisan roasted coffees and exotic teas to retail establishments, food service markets and customers thoughout Vermont, the Northeast and through the web. The company is owned and operated by Mane Alves, a native of Lisbon Portugal and a very fast guy on a BMW S1000RR.

For those of you who stay at the Red Roof Inn in Loudon for our NHMS days, they have changed ownership. The hotel is still there and operating, but they will become a Quality Inn instead of a Red Roof. They can be reached directly at (603) 225-8399 for reservations.

The slow speed riding school, started last summer by former NH State Police motorcycle officer, Steve Ford, is back for its second season in 2016. The school teaches riders the proper techniques for slow speed maneuvers like weaving through cones, circles, u-turns and other patterns. The school will run concurrently with our track days at NHMS.

Here is what you really wanted for Christmas: the Fishtail Riding School motorcycle track day dates and pricing!

  • 5/9 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch - $260
  • 5/24 Thompson, CT Discount Day - $180
  • 6/6 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch - $260
  • 7/11 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch - $260
  • 7/25 Palmer Motorsports Park Full Academics and lunch - $270
  • 8/15 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch - $260
  • 9/12 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch - $260
  • 10/3 NHMS Full Academics/Lunch - $260

All of the dates are eligible for our High Flyer Discount. The High Flyer Discount saves you $40 on select motorcycle track days when you purchase 5 or more track days as part as part of single transaction. The transaction must be completed prior to the season opener on May 9th, 2016. 

Palmer Motorsports Park in Ware MA is a new track for us this season. Check out the Palmer Motorsports Park page for information and look for additional information on this track as we get closer to the date.

Registration is now open!

Photos from our last track day of 2015 season, including photos from our bike show.

Monday September 14th was MV Agusta day at the track. Bruce Meyers was on hand with some shiney MV bling to ride and some of his MV Agusta friends. They seemed to fit right in with regular Italian loving crowd. Shots also include a demonstration by Steve Ford, J. C. Lapointe and Chuck George.

Steve Ford demonstrating slow speed riding skills

At Fishtail, we like to say it’s all about the corners. But, not all corners are high speed. Some of the most challenging turns we make are the slow ones.

To help with this challenge we are now offering a new slow speed riding school, led by Steve Ford a former NH State Police Motorcycle Officer. We met Steve when he attended our high speed police training school.

It's nice to have friends in high places, especially when they have a camera. Thanks to our friends in the NH State Police, we got these cool shots of our August 17th track day from a helicopter hovering overhead while we rode.

We celebrated our second Ducati Dealers Day with all things Italian and a full roster of riders from Seacoast Sport Cycle, Cyclewise Ducati Vermont, Dunbar Euro-Sports, Riverside Ducati-Triumph, and Ducati 128.

Riders received a special appreciation package with custom designed t-shirts and scarfs from Italy.

During the morning safety brief, Austin Gray, Ducati North America Technical Director and Erik Madsen, Ducati North America Service Area Manager gave Robbie Nigl an award for becoming an Official Ducati Approved Refinishing Center. Those who didn’t know, Robbie is as good at painting motorcycles as he is riding them.

After a pasta infused lunch of chicken parmigiana, meatballs, sausage and cannoli’s, we rolled out to the front stretch to watch New Hampshire State Police motor officers, Chuck George and J. C. Lapointe give a demonstration of slow speed maneuvering and tight cornering. Both riders are also veterans of Fishtail’s high-speed police training course.

Fred Bross and JC Kayhill each won a free track day and a chance to have more fun with us.

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