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Riding School First Approach

Fishtail Riding School is a track day format riding school that puts all its energy into making you an all around better rider. We are NOT a racing school or an open track day format. Our system is designed to take riders of all skill levels and enhance and develop their skills both on and off the track. 

We break each day into 3 groups; A (Advanced) Group, B (Intermediate) Group and C (Novice) Group. Each group has it's own rules, procedures and curriculum based on the skill level of the riders. If this is your first time in a closed-course environment, you will automatically start in the C Group to be sure you are 100% acclimated to do's an don'ts of riding at a track as well as our style of rider instruction.  Each group has a dedicated cadre of instructors, and you will be paired with an instructor and 1-3 fellow students for the day. Instructor/rider grouping is based on experience, the type of motorcycle you ride and any personal preferences you may have communicated to us. 

We are fortunate to have a very diverse group of riders and instructors. There is plenty of 1 on 1 instruction as well as on-track video feedback. This allows us to be able to critique riding mechanics and make suggestions for you to adjust in the next session

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to having you join us this season. Oh, and as an added bonus, no one does lunches like Fishtail. Lobster rolls, anyone?... 

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    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing you all again. I love that you’re trying to video and critique some riding- great idea and helpful. Fishtail School continues to give the best value by far of any of the schools (I’ve tried them all) and really is like family.  Also wanted to contact Chad if possible. His insights and coaching today for me were golden!! Can’t tell you how much I was impressed by his enthusiasm and approach to teaching. Big difference between being good at something and good at teaching something as you well know. Please let him know for me.  Will see you again sometime this summer. Keep doing what you guys are doing for this community of riders! Kathy D
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    I just wanted to take a minute to recognize you and your staff. Yesterday was my first time riding with Fishtail, and I was really impressed with how great the experience was. I know not every track day is as lightly attended but it was sweet to get that much one on one instruction. Steve, aka Brewmaster, gave me some real pointers I didn’t even get when I did one on one instruction with another group. He’s a true pro! Looking forward to doing more days with Fishtail. Jeff W
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    Just wanted to drop a quick note regarding yesterday’s event – I have done track days with a few different schools in NH and I am happy say that this time I actually got turns 1/1a/2 and 3 smoothed out. Faster with less effort and more confidence – can’t ask for more than that. Mike W was a great coach and a great guy to boot – he seems to truly enjoy working with us scrubs! Getting ready for next time – see you again soon.  Kevin K

High Flyer – yes, we still have our High Flyer volume discount!  If you select 5 or more days to ride with us, the digital pricing elves will automatically subtract $40 from each selection.  Note: The package deals at Tamworth and Canaan are not part of the programming; select each day separately to trigger the discount logic.  Everything else is fair game, so click away!

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